Cost Of Solar Panels In South Carolina

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As technology advances, solar panel systems have become more affordable and more efficient, making them one of the most adaptable green energy options available for residential applications. The cost of a solar system will vary depending on your home, your energy goals and your current electricity use. Because of that, there is no official way to estimate the cost of a solar panel system without an expert’s input and evaluation. If you’re wondering how the cost of solar panel systems in South Carolina is calculated, learn more about the process below!

The Size Of Your Home

On a basic level, the square footage of your home can help determine the size of the solar array needed for your home. That’s because the larger your home is, the higher the likelihood that you’ll need more energy to power it, and therefore will need more solar panels to meet your energy needs. But the size of your home is far from the biggest determinant. The biggest reason of them all is …

Your Current Electric Bill

Think about it — utility companies don’t charge you for how large your home is when charging you for electricity usage. They charge you for the power you use! That’s how someone with a small house could have an electric bill that’s higher than someone with a larger home. The amount of your electric bill will determine the number of panels that you need to reach your energy goals. But before you add solar panels to your home, it makes sense to improve the baseline efficiency of your home. Our SMARTPWR360OTM package features items that can potentially cut your home’s current energy consumption by up to 25 percent7. That might mean you need fewer panels to achieve your energy goals, and that’s a win!

Your Home’s Architecture And Location

A home that receives consistent sun exposure with no shade will likely get by with fewer panels compared to a home that gets increments of shade during the day. However, this isn’t to say that shade will keep solar from being beneficial for you! It simply means that you might need an extra panel or two placed strategically so that your solar array produces the energy you need.

In addition, the direction of your home’s roof will play a role. South-facing roofs are ideal for solar panel installation, as they receive the most consistent sunlight throughout the day. If your roof doesn’t face south, you might need a slightly larger solar array to ensure your system will cover your electric needs.

Learn More About The Cost Of Your Solar Panels In South Carolina

There’s no way to estimate how many solar panels you’ll need or how much your solar system will cost without an expert’s opinion. That’s why Pink Energy offers free in-home consultations and evaluations in preparation for offering an estimate. To get a free quote on how much solar will cost you, contact one of our local Columbia solar experts today. We’d love to help!