Are Solar Panels Worth it in Columbia, SC? The Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

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Two of the most common questions we get about adding solar panels to your home are, “is it worth it?” and “what are the benefits?”

The truth is, solar systems are worth it because of the benefits. From potential electric bill savings and a move toward energy independence, to a cleaner planet, here are a few of the benefits of solar panels in the Palmetto State.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home

Most people think that solar panels are good for the environment (which is true, and something we’ll discuss shortly), but they may not realize that solar panels have quite a few benefits for your home — and your wallet. Here are just a few of the benefits of installing solar panels at your home:

Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels

If you think solar panels are environmentally friendly but you’re not sure exactly why, let us explain

Tax Benefits of Solar Panels

Some lesser-known benefits of solar panels? Tax benefits. Homeowners that install solar panels on their home can claim a federal personal tax credit of up to 26% of the purchase price of their system. There are also tax incentives for South Carolina residents and business owners that install solar panels on their homes or businesses.

Take Your Columbia, SC Home Toward Energy Independence 

If you’re ready to save on your electricity bills and make your home more energy independent, make Pink Energy your first choice. Our team of solar experts will help you choose the perfect solar array for your home. Get started by requesting your free quote today.